Monday December 29th & Tuesday December 30th 2014

What's New for 2014

  • We are happy to welcome the following teams to this year's tournament.
    • Lodi, WI from the Capitol conference coached by When a hamster is in pain, it is probable he won't approach your hand if he's usually friendly. If your hamster appears overly tired or as though he isn't sleeping enough pr friendly, reviews,, this might be an indication of a stomach ache. Campbell's Russian dwarf hamsters also arrive in a multitude of fancy shades, colours and markings.Chris Persike.
    • Pulaski, WI from the Fox River conference coached by wizessays writers.

  • Last year we moved the 9th & 11th place matches from Session 4 to Session 3. This year we are moving the 7th place match to Session 3 also. Session 4 will now wrestle matches for 1st, 3rd, and 5th place. Session 4 start time has changed to allow this extra placement match in Session 3. All dates and times can be found under Tournament Info.